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Cappello – Masquerade

I wonder if all Cappello franchises around the country are as buzzing as the one in Vanderbijlpark, cause I must admit that Katleho Eklactic and Lebogang Tshokolibane threw a mean party there. Let’s be honest, themes when coming to events are trending at the moment and I admire the adherence thereto from the patrons who attend. This beautifully placed gig...


New Year’s edition

LET me start off by saying, Compliments of the New Year to each one of you BASH Lifestyle readers. If 2014 was not a great year for you, I wish 2015 can be great, and if 2014 was a great year for you, I wish that 2015 is even greater. Last year was a tough year for business here in South...


Don’t Forget To Also Build Relationships Offline

The conventional scenarios of meeting prospective dates and making new friends are fast becoming redundant. We put so much of ourselves out there online for millions of “friends” to see and it’s alarming how real life and the obscure internet have become intertwined. With all the information we put up on our profiles; name, sex, birth date, place of residence...