The Beach in Braamfontein

It’s true Braamfontein has a stature similar to that of Maboneng Precinct, Greenside and the likes. With almost every intersection in Juta Street having a cafe, bar slash restaurant, entertainment is extremely at its peak in this particular spot of Johannesburg. Unfortunately I couldn’t profile all these unique spots however, I must admit that much fun was had at The Beach.

The Beach is a rooftop destination with decked flooring, leading to a nicely built petite bar overlooking an outside filled Beach Sand. I must warn you, it’s best to walk barefoot on that sand even sandals will not do you justice. If it wasn’t for the gazebos and parasols that were erected I would probably say I’m a black man and actually mean it, as the scorching sun rays felt like the were less than a metre away. Throughout this heat though, nothing was as comforting as dipping your feet deep in to the sand pit which appeared pretty moist underneath possessing that cooling effect.

A Savanna affair this was with the brand visible at every corner of your view point, from promotional feathers to drinks on the tables. Black and white people enjoying each other’s companionship and presence, looking down on us a Nelson Mandela billboard drop which clearly symbolises a rainbow nation. In all honesty most of the people were dressed for the occasion and some completely missed the plot or blatantly decided that they do not want to show leg regardless of the circumstance.

The waiters and waitresses were on their ‘A’ game were service is concerned, cause not for a second did I spot or hear an unhappy chap. A blonde waitress by the name of Angel gained popularity with the crowd that was present, I doubt it was mainly due to the fact that she’s strikingly gorgeous but because she made an effort to make people feel welcome by uttering various Isizulu and Setswana phrases in between her lovely smile.

The Beach is a perfect venue for a private function, catering for a maximum of fifty or so patrons and is definitely worth checking out. Before I forget, it’s best to negotiate covered parking close bye as you’ll never find parking for all your guests in one street or you’ll pay an arm and a leg if you have intentions of being there the whole day.

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