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Hennessy is celebrating 250 years

Hennessy is celebrating 250 years of a remarkable adventure that has spanned eight generations.  It is an occasion for Maison Hennessy to pay tribute to all those who, past and present, have forged its success on five continents.  The Hennessy 250 Tour will set out to find them around the world, following in the traces of the “Grand Tours” the...


15 things you don’t know about Hennessy, the world’s best selling cognac

Hennessy was founded in 1765 by Irish officer Richard Hennessy who was serving in the army of King Louix XV. Eight generations later, Maurice Richard Hennessy (great-great-great grandson of Richard Hennessy) is still actively involved with the brand. Every morning at 11am a group of seven or eight skilful blending experts, known as Hennessy Comité de Dégustation (Hennessy’s Tasting Committee)...