Monthly Archive: April 2015



COMING from various backgrounds and geographical areas we often refer to beautiful women in different terms. The common terms that stick out would be lekopo, lezothi, shandapa however extreme sesotho people will tell you that, “mosadi oo ke stlabolana”. This just means that woman is a femme fatale. So if you are fantasing about dating a sotho girl or are...


“O di bapetse”

WHEN a person is clothed in branded clothes from head to toe, such as Fabiani, Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci, then we would normally say that “o di bapetse”. This means that you carefully constructed various brands and made one killer outfit. ‘Bapetse’ is past tense for ‘bapala’ meaning play, so in essence you’re playing around with brands. So next time...